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Green Tree Red Deer Farm, LLC

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Meet the


Since 1999

Jack and Carol Liebzeit
Green Tree Red Deer Farm, LLC
411 Jepson Road
Clintonville, WI 54929
(715) 701-0711


Green Tree Red Deer Farm. LLC is located 3 miles north of Clintonville in the Village of Embarrass.

Take highway 22 north to Embarrass, turn right on Jepson Road, we are the first farm.

We are a state licensed European red deer farm and hunting preserve. Visitors are welcome.

Red deer and product information

European red deer are related to the American elk.  The stags weigh up to 700 pounds and the
female (hinds) weigh about 300 pounds.  With exception to size and color they closely resemble
American elk.  The stags grow very impressive antlers.


European Red Deer and product Information

We are a Wisconsin state licensed and CWD monitored deer
farm.  We do comply with all the state testing requirements.  
Our deer are naturally raised without chemicals, steroids, or
hormone enhancers.  The meat is similar to elk and very tender
and tasty.  


Red deer meat is very low in fat and calories, with the
nutritional characteristics of skinless chicken.  Antler drops
are sold for $15 per pound; some high quality matched
sets will be sold to the highest bid. They look great on the
fireplace mantle or as coat racks.  Trophy stag hunts or
hind hunts are available at reasonable rates.  See hunt
information or contact us for more information.  

European Red Deer Hunting Preserve Information

Year round Hunting Cabin Fireplace, kitchen, bathroom


UTV Transport,
River frontage


 Hunt Prices and Information
Wisc. State and County laws add 5.5% sales tax to listed prices.
Youth must be accompanied  by parent or guardian, no extra charge.
3 Days / 3 Nights Hunt Package (September thru January)
       Stag hunt w/guide prices

  • Greater than 400 SCI Stag Call for Pricing

  • 375 - 399 SCI Stag $11000 (Platinum)

  • 350 - 374 SCI Stag $9000 (Gold)

  • 325 - 349 SCI Stag $7500 (Silver)

  • 300 - 324 SCI Stag $6000 (Bronze)

  • 275 - 299 SCI Stag $5000 usually 14-18 points

  • 250 - 274 SCI Stag $4500 usually 12-14 points

  • 200 - 249 SCI Stag $4000 usually 10-12 points

  • <200 SCI management stags $3500 usually 10 points or less

  • Youth hunts (12-18 yr old) $3250 <200 score, 10 points or less

  • Hind meat hunts $1000

  • Ground and elevated stands

  • Your choice of weapons, archery welcome

  • Hunting Cabin, sleeps four, kitchen, bathroom w/shower, fireplace, TV

  • Meals, meat processing and taxidermy are not included in pricing

  • Embarrass River frontage and access

  • Fishing, Wisconsin Fishing License Required

  • UTV transport

  • Custom venison processing available at Adam’s Meat, Pella, WI

Fun and rewarding hunts at reasonable rates!

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Everything We Offer

Free Range

Hormone Free


The first step is to decide which stag class you are interested in.  Selection order in your class is determined by commitment date (25% down payment).  In July, I email pics of available stags in your chosen class and you choose one.  We only do one hunt group at a time but have plenty of open dates based on the number of hunts we do.  We do handle management and hind hunts different for a couple reasons. We do not want management stags in our hunt preserve during breeding season (Sept and Oct.) and do not hunt hinds when the calves are too young to survive on their own (hunts after Oct.).  When the stags are selected, we only release one mature stag in the preserve at a time with the hinds, calves and yearling stags.  Mature stags will kill each other for breeding rights.  Early commitment gets the best stags and hunt dates.  If interested and you provide a mailing address; we can mail a couple DVD’s of our operation.    

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