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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Contact information?
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  • How are hunts scheduled and stags selected?
    The first step is to decide which stag class you are interested in. Selection order in your class is determined by commitment date (25% down payment). In July, I email pics of available stags in your chosen class and you choose one. We only do one hunt group at a time but have plenty of open dates based on the number of hunts we do. We do handle management and hind hunts different for a couple reasons. We do not want management stags in our hunt preserve during breeding season (Sept and Oct.) and do not hunt hinds when the calves are too young to survive on their own (hunts after Oct.). When the stags are selected, we only release one mature stag in the preserve at a time with the hinds, calves and yearling stags. Mature stags will kill each other for breeding rights. Early commitment gets the best stags and hunt dates. If interested and you provide a mailing address; we can mail a couple DVD’s of our operation.
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